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Have you ever Wondered the Benefits of Dancing?

Dance! It will Stimulate Your Brain and Keep Your Heart Healthy!

Prevent "Senior Moments" and worse. Research shows that Ballroom Dancing helps prevent Alzheimer's. It also provides exercise to keep hearts healthy and to prevent obesity. Get a double pay-off, mental and physical, by Ballroom Dancing. Do it often!

Dancing challenges the part of the brain that handles planning and abstract thought as well as a person's capacity for organized verbal processing.

Dancing makes you feel better emotionally and mentally after working out regardless of whether or not they listened to music. But the improvement in verbal fluency test performance after listening to music was more than double that of the non-music condition.

Dancing for exercise seems to cause positive changes in the nervous system, and these changes may have a direct effect on cognitive ability. Listening to music may influence cognitive function through different pathways in the brain. The combination of music and exercise may stimulate and increase cognitive arousal while helping to organize cognitive output.

Social dancing may be prescribed after a surgery as part of a physical therapy regimen. A study conducted at the California State University at Long Beach a few years ago showed beginning students can derive health benefits from ballroom dancing that equal aerobic dancing or jogging. Forty-five subjects (ages 18 to 35) warmed up five minutes followed by a 20-minute aerobic exercise with a cha-cha, a polka, two swing dances of jitterbug and lindy, a Viennese waltz, and a samba. Most of the people got their heart rates up to recommended training rates, particularly with the polka, swing, and the waltz. Results showed some forms of ballroom dancing burn between 250 and 300 calories per hour and even more with fast, vigorous dancing up to 400 calories an hour burns up.